10 Celebrities Who Are Downright Rude In Reality

Never judge the book by its cover. Only when the cameras are off the celebrities show their true self. Today we prepared a list of people who, despite being in the spotlight, turn out to be disrespectful to other people. They should be the role models, but sometimes they lose their temper. Find out who’s on our list!

Alec Baldwin source : truemedialife.com

He’s a great actor, who is notorious for his bad temper. He gets angry at his fans when asking for a photo or an autograph. Also during the set he is known for his fits of anger.jer.Alec-Baldwin



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  • Alucard D. Blood

    Number 10 “Supermodel” She looks ugly as fuck though.

    • URQ196

      I don’t understand any attraction towards her.

  • dok dokki

    West is not only rude he’s a racist.

    • jdjd

      Indeed…he just got done calling the SNL staff “white muthafahckers”.

  • rustle

    “the celebrities show their true self” and you go on about role models. Learn to write first!

  • Chipsie

    A lot of these people are just NOT happy. They are a great example however of how money and fame doesn’t make you happy, nor does it mean you’re a great person or even a good person. Moreover, though successful in making money they certainly are NOT successful human beings as the behavior they have demonstrated shows them as people of very low quality overall.

  • Hannoveraner

    So much explanation. It must be true.

  • Diego Canale

    I think if any of these people messed with the wrong person they would get what they deserve…just saying!

  • _diana_

    Michael was under 10 years old when he got popular and he was ALWAYS kind and humble. He also bought food for his fans who waited outside his hotel and ALWAYS made sure that his fans know he loves them. Michael visited hospitals and donated millions to charity.

    • Quezz

      He also abused children, but he was apparently quite nice about it.

      • _diana_

        He didn’t

      • MaxJay

        Come on prick, he was not found guilty of that claim by any court!

  • Lp

    i think i would be rude too if i was surrounded by needy, rude people all day long

  • Libs are Roaches

    Most of them are black, of course.

    • CarrotTwerp

      I count 3 out of 10. Maybe your mother didn’t teach you to count properly, along with not teaching you good manners. You need Jesus.

      • Libs are Roaches

        That would be more than twice as many as the black percentage of the population. Maybe your mother didn’t teach you math – though she sure made you gay.

        • CarrotTwerp

          “Most of them” is what you said. 3/10 is not most of them, a kindergartener would know this. And if you want to talk statistics you should start by learning that 10 people isn’t a large enough sample size to make any sort of conclusions. Maybe you just didn’t get far enough in school to learn this? Well now you know. You’re welcome.

          • Libs are Roaches

            If something occurs at twice it’s expected rate, it’s statiscally significant. Sorry, but libs can’t reinvent math.
            I’m glad there’s no dispute you’re gay.

          • jdjd

            You’re using a cheqthis top-10 list as a basis for statistical analysis? Are you really that stupid? No need to answer that.