10 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Are Virgins

When you’re a public persona the possibilities of getting close to somebody are unlimited, if you know what I mean. However, there are some celebs who promised to stay pure until their wedding night. It’s not a popular view, which shows their perseverance and the strength of a character. We truly admire them and hope they live a chaste life until their wedding night. This is how a role model should look like. Check out the list of 10 stars who want to wait with their first time until they get married.

Jordin Sparks source : wplol.us

Here’s our first star. Jordin Sparks, born in 1989, is not only a singer, but also a Hollywood actress. She started her successful career early on, at the age of 13. During one of the interviews she was asked about her sex life. She calmly replied that she would wait until getting married before losing her virginity. She’s still not married, so it looks like she’s still a virgin!vi.jordin.sparks



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  • John Poynton

    Likelyhood is she will let Mr. Right slip through her fingers.

    • Snövit

      Most American celebrities lie about being virgins, because it increases their market value in their respective industries. Remember Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, for instance. The whole notion of virginity is absurd, all the same. In not so ancient history, a virgin was a woman who had not yet given birth to a child; it had nothing to do with having been sexually active or inactive. To my mind, self-inflicted celibacy is far less sound than natural sexual activities. “Virginity” as a moral code was invented by men to oppress and control women, and other men of lower social value.

      • SIlentwalker

        as if you know everything..lol dumb fuck! virgins are those who haven’t gave birth? ahahaha pathetic! Almost 1 percent? whahahaha wow where’d you got those facts of yours, the book of dumbfucktards? hahahaha facepalm to you retard