10 Make-Up Fails You Wouldn’t Put On Your Face

Make up is an art, but sometimes girls get it wrong. It’s easy to cross the line between the acceptable and the ridiculous, especially when it comes to the amount of things on a face. So before you style yourself up, check out our list of 10 make-up fails.

Pink burns my eyes! source : hajlajt.pl

The rule is as follows: too much of everything makes it bad. Here it’s just an abundance of pink, lips, big eyes, big eyebrows. Tone it down.mu.big.lips



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  • Smart Cookie

    #2 is kind of interesting .

  • Sally


  • Aino Sandell

    #7 looks great – Great makeup skills and tecnique. She just makes a funny face in the picture.

    • Debra

      Are you serious?

      • Aino Sandell


        Yes I am – Otherwise I wouldn’t say so – I know something about makeup skills and I can tell that she knows what she’s doing – I wouldn’t go out like that myself, but she is not without skills.

        • ritareeves

          Sorry, but those eyebrows don’t scream skills to me. They don’t even whisper ‘hopeful’…

  • Henrik Øelund

    I find most of them great 🙂 Brave and funny!
    A couple though – just funny, comical in fact!
    I like the heavy eyebrows – takes the focus away from…sorry…the (slightly visible) moustache 🙁

  • mroy53

    No wonder so many other country’s hate America.

  • Fred762

    Best get it a trash bag to wear as a hat