10 All-Time Best Dinner Ideas – home

Lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of skills or lack of ideas? What makes you NOT cook a variety of delicious dinner? Stop taking food away or ordering pizza twice a week. We prepared a list of simple meals which you can prepare on your own in just a few minutes. Easy, tasty, healthy… would fill you for ages too! Now you have no excuse!

source : taste.com.au

Could it be ANY easier? A bit of pasta (who said it has to be spaghetti?), a bit of passata, a bit of garlic, a bit of meat. Mix it all together and repeat every day.


Courgette spaghetti
source : beatthebloat.co.uk

You won’t believe how easy it is to make – and how healthy to eat! Simply peel a courgette off and cut into dices or make a kind of spaghetti, and fry for a few mins on olive oil. Remember to add spices!


Spinach Pasta
source : cookdiary.net

Melt a bit of butter on the pan and add some spinach so it could melt naturally. Then add some already cooked pasta and stir. Your pasta is ready and yes, it is that simple.


Chicken Curry
source : sailusfood.com

Well, it won’t be Indian one, but if you’re in the rush – just add some spices to diced chicken breast, fry on the pan, add yoghurt and curry powder, and then a bit of rice. Tadam!


So Pasta
source : jeanetteshealthyliving.com

Boil some pasta, pour some olive oil on it once it’s ready, and add greated cheese (parmesan is a dream). Some spices of your choice are also welcomed, you can also add some saute garlic to it.