10 Killer Tweets You Haven’t Expected The End Of – home

Twitter has been created to give people’s the ability to discuss and share opinion or recommendation. Reading some tweets though, we just think it was made also for fun, to brighten our day. In the list we prepared you’ll see tweets you would never guess the end of. They are funny and sometimes make you think (and read) twice, but we guarantee you at least a few smiles.

source : twitter.com

Have you expected that? We thought it will be a point to discussion and we were pretty about to ask in comments „why?”, but the last sentence smashed it all! That was simple yet brilliant.


source : twitter.com

Ok, we know your dirty minds – 99% percent of you would think about very naughty things after reading just a first part. Then, the second one, puts you back to the ground. Welcome to the life!


source : twitter.com

You got into this story, you really got into this story and then… two ways. You can be disappointed by the end you can agree with the author so much that you’ll take a nap.


source : twitter.com

This tweet could be a perfect summary of every man who has become a father recently! Hilarious but true, and you have to agree with this statement. We are even very likely to believe it really happened!


source : twitter.com

Tweet started so deep that Adele could probably roll in it… And the ka-boom! Magic disappeared, and you can see the variety of emotions from love to hate! Be careful what you play in cafes too!