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You know the face, you know this smile and you can see them very often on the red carpet but… you have no idea why are they so popular and what is the reason they are famours for? Well, me neither. Take a look at 10 mysterious faces we chose and check out if you know them at all! Share your ideas and thoughts in comments!

Cheryl Cole
source : mirror.co.uk

Marrying a footballer, getting to a band via… reality show, being famous for being cheated, being a member of jury in British shows, now a girlfriend of one of One Direction’s hotboy. Ok, but what is her talent…?


Paris Hilton
source : parishilton.com

What is Paris Hlton biggest achievement? Being famous. She was trying to sing, she was trying to be an actress… The most popular for „One Night In Paris”. Do you still want to google it?


Katie Price
source : mirror.co.uk

Marrying Peter Andre and being fake all the way. Plus, she appeared in quite a few million reality shows made anywhere about anything. You may easily recognize her on the street. Probably in the dark, too.


Farah Abraham
source : wennermedia.com

Lady famous for reality shows… and nothing more. She got public attention after appearing in Teen Mom while she was only 18. Since then, she made her appearance in couple of reality shows and celebrity programs.


Rebecca Black
source : guim.co.uk

Friday, Friday. A pop star of one song which you can love or hate (or even make your own parody, there are millions of it in the Net). She does not care about hate at all though (even, if you’ve aboslutely heard loads of better songs)