10 Things You Don’t Know About Sex – home

Cheating balls
source : fitnationmag.com

Ha! Guys with bigger balls are more likely to cheat. It is proved in numerous research, so better check it before you fall in love with a newly met guy who stares at you all the time.


Old people
source : Vitalmin-project.eu

If you think they are not allowed to have sex… well, you are so wrong! They have sex – maybe even more than you. Nearly third of over 80s have sex regularly. Surprised?


Size matters
source : biggiesboxes.com

Does it really matter? People talked, are talking and will talk about it. Enthusiasm, approach and passion matter – not necessarily the size! Remember about it in bed and out of it as well.


Other people
source : care2.com

Almost 70% of people have some sexual thoughts of or fantasies with other people while having sex with their current partners. Are you one of them? You are not alone – high five to loads of people!


Anal sex
source : cosmopolitan.com

If you are an educated white woman, you are the more likely to have regular anal sex according to research. We are not going to guess if it is right or not – you know better!