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Good, fresh drink is always a good idea. What if you don’t have some ingredients or inspiration? Or what if you have them all, but you pretty much have no idea what to do? Take a look at our ideas and make your party or night out just stunning! Be careful though – it is still about alcohol too and we don’t want to be responsible for your massive hangover the day after!

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Let’s start with good old Mohito. Bit of light rum, bit of sugar and lime, mint and necessarily soda sparkling water are required to make a perfect drink. Don’t forget about ice! Will you try tonight?


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Even if you don’t feel like cosmopolitan, you should give this drink a try. Some Vodka, Triple Sec and cranberry juice will do. If you would like to add lime, not a single problem! Enjoy!


Long Island Ice Tea
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This is a killer – and don’t say we didn’t aware you! Vodka, tequilla, rum and gin at once, mixed with Coke. Sounds like a bomb – and this is what your head will be a day after. Think twice!


Sex On The Beach
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Vodka, peach schnapps, grapefruit and cranberry juice. Just mix it all, pour into glasses and enjoy the delicious outcome. Its taste will make you love your night out or houseparty – and your guests will love you too!


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Triple sec, Tequila and Lime juice. You can decorate it with some salt as well. The recipe is simple, but the taste will amaze you at a glance! This is one of our fav drinks.